Deft Family

By 2008 Nate Adams had grown tired of the standard of gloves that were in the motocross and bicycle industries. Constantly doing his own modifications to his sponsor provided gloves he decided he could make better gloves and set out with the goal to do just that. Deft Family was created in late 2008 and Deft Family released the first line of gloves at X Games in 2009. 

The gloves were an instant hit in the industry. It seemed he wasn’t the only one who had grown tired of the usual offerings of motocross and bicycle gloves. Since that day at X Games Deft Family have continued to grow and improve the chassis and designs of the gloves every year.

Nate is always searching for that ‘perfect’ glove. “I am not sure a perfect glove exists, but if it does I am doing absolutely all I can to be sure it is a Deft Family glove.”

It is a great feeling to create and operate a business. Some of the best rewards I’ve received since starting Deft Family is the calibre of riders who have ridden/ ride for Deft Family: Jeremy McGrath, Jeremy Stenberg, Robbie Madisson, Vicki Golden, Tommy Searle, Travis Pastrana, Tyler Bereman, Carson Mumford, Todd Potter, Ryan Nyquist, Colton Saterfield, Josh Grant, Tommy Hahn, TJ Ellis, Christian Craig, Austin Politelli, James Palmer, Taka Higashino, Mike Mason, Brett Banasiewicz, Tarah Gieger, and more…

At the beginning of Deft Family, we came up with the saying, ‘For riders, by riders’. I will always stay true to this statement.

It is my drive to succeed that gave me my career in Freestyle Motocross, and that same drive to succeed is being applied to Deft Family. I truly believe and am proof that gloves do matter to a rider. Our hands make up 2 of 4 main contact points with the bike while controlling throttle, clutch and front brake. Take control with Deft Family gloves!

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