Mobius Braces

Current knee brace technology hasn’t evolved in years. The same concepts have continued to be implemented with each new product model offering. Yet, knee injury continues to be one of the most common—and repeated—injuries in motorsports. Without innovation, there is no evolution. Engineer and x8 inventor darren fleming experienced this same injury time and time again, and he sought to find a more evolved solution, one that was progressive and comfortable, and most importantly, a design unlike any other knee brace offering. With a clear vision in mind, fleming sought out nine-time champion ryan villopoto, who himself suffered from multiple knee injuries. An instant believer in the design, Villopoto joined the development team and helped turn fleming’s vision into a reality—a brace unlike any other, a brace that could combat the plight of today’s motor sports athlete. At the core of the x8 is the ccrs (continuous cable routing system). The ccrs externally reinforces all of the cruciate ligaments. When forces are applied to the knee joint, the ccrs becomes tight and resists the excessive movement that can cause injury to the ligaments. As the continuous cable routing system tightens, it squeezes the brace shells gripping the tibia and femur. The tibial shell is designed to grip the tibial tuberosity controlling the lower leg, while simultaneously the femoral shell and tendon back plate grip the femur. When the leg is fully extended the continuous cable progressively tightens resisting hyper extension, bending, and rotation. When the leg is in flexion, the ccrs cable is designed to progressively tighten as well, preventing rotation and bending. The mobius x8 challenges every perception of knee and joint support developed over the past century. A combination of forward thinking and revolutionary design has yielded a brace that surpasses any offering on the market in support, protection, comfort, and appearance. The mobius x8, infinitely superior.

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