4 Arm Strong

4 Arm Strong is a self-therapy device that creates traction on the forearm muscles toward the elbow while stretching in the opposite direction. This type of assisted stretch can expand the fascia and lengthen the forearm flexor muscles in the anterior and posterior compartments of the forearm, as well as create a stretch in front of the elbow that otherwise couldn’t be achieved.  Anterior describes the inside or bottom of the forearm and posterior describes the top of the forearm. Expanding the fascia and stretching the forearm flexor and extensor group muscles can create more space in the forearm compartment, which allows blood to flow into the muscles with less constriction. Less constriction translates into less arm pump. It also results in a freer, less restrictive movement which almost always results in greater grip strength and freedom of movement in the hands and wrists.

Effectively lengthening the muscles in front of the elbow can result in a reduction of pain from lateral and medial elbow tendonitis (tennis and golfer’s elbow.)

Stretching with the 4Arm Strong can also relieve pain from and prevent Carpal Tunnel symptoms.

Baseball players, pitchers and catchers in particular, are susceptible to elbow (Tommy John) and forearm flexor injuries. Regular use with the 4Arm Strong can prevent these types of injuries while increasing throwing velocity.

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