Urgebikeco – Our goal is essentially to protect you, in the best possible way. The design of our helmets is always elaborated from the smallest
details starting from simple, lightweight, fluid and logical solutions. Every day, Fabien Barel and our team test our models and take part in
their evolution, so we can comfortably ride in security and style. Above and beyond all the details that have embellished and technically
improved our new helmets, our range is also expanding next year with a new model: the All-M which is a helmet designed for allmountain riding.
And as is often the case with us, it’s leading the way among its counterparts…

But if it’s now widely accepted that we know how to create exceptional helmets, it is just as important for us to produce them in the right way…
That’s why we have tried from the beginning to become a more eco-aware brand, a complex but crucial challenge for us who enjoy riding in a
natural environment. We’ve started with our boxes made from natural non-varnished cardboard, then continued by eliminating all plastic
bags (except the owner manual bag that is compulsory…), then we’ve replaced a part of the fiberglass used on some of our full-face helmets
by linen fiber.

From this year onwards, all straps are made from recycled PET (well…plastic bottles!) and our T-shirts are made from organic cotton and printed with non-toxic inks…