Knolly Bikes began as one riders passion to build himself the ultimate freeride frame. Something that just worked, was simple, reliable and free from all the usual marketing hype. Something that was easy to tune, easy to service and that offered superb handling and performance in tough, real world riding conditions. That rider was Noel Buckley, and equipped with a Degree in Physics, extensive engineering and manufacturing experience combined with the desire to make the best bike he could, he set about designing what would evolve into the original V-Tach frame. During the first twelve months spent designing, prototyping and testing, Noel discovered something that has gone on to be the heart of all Knolly frames. That discovery was the now patented Four by 4 linkage system and related design components. The idea was just to build one great bike not to start a business, but as with all good things, the word started to get out, and soon Noel was inundated with requests for frames from other riders looking for something better, and the first production run of V-Tach frames rolled out in 2004. The new Four by 4 linkage allowed for an uninterrupted seat tube, the ability to produce long travel frames in smaller sizes, active suspension under braking, extremely high lateral rigidity, longer shock strokes allowing lower leverage ratios, easy maintanance and above all amazing suspension performance. Most surprisingly before the V-Tach, no other frame on the market could lay claim to all these features The reaction was overwhelming and the first run quickly sold out. Building on this initial success Knolly Bikes has now grown into one of the most respected and best performing ranges of mountain bike frames available. Still rider owned, Knolly continues to evolve and while frame designs and applications change, everything is driven by the same basic philosophy behind the very first V-Tach. Knolly Bikes design and manufacture the highest performance, most reliable products we can backed up by the highest level of customer service. Predictable, Reliable, Performance