JT Racing was Launched in the late 1960ʼs and was reborn in early 2011. JT Racing USA ruled motocross in the ʻ70s, ʻ80s and ʻ90s with many past champions including Broc Glover, Danny LaPorte, Ronnie Lechien and Donnie Hansen. Highlights in their brand new collection include the Pro-Tour jersey, Classic MX pants and ALS-02 helmet.

I’m extremely excited about the simultaneous re-launch of the iconic JT brand across the globe. Typically, brands first focus on the US market because it is the biggest, however, in our situation we wish to give every market the opportunity to buy JT products at the same time. I am very fortunate to have the experience and knowledge to bring together strong international distributors who have the infrastructure required to become our exclusive partners. With that being said, I’m particularly delighted to be working with Decade Europe who will be our exclusive JT Racing distributor for England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. We look forward to working with them and truly believe they can supply and offer the great customer service we require within their network.” comments Darryl Atkins Global sales manager for Jt Racing USA.

JT Racingʼs heritage and iconic status coupled with their pursuit of innovation, style and quality is an exciting prospect for us. Weʼre really pleased to have them on board and look forward to offering their excellent range to dealers throughout the UK.