7 iDP is the result of over 5 years thinking and planning.

WHY 7?
Seven guys with seven very different opinions, but united by one clear vision: to take MTB protection to the next level.
Our goal from the outset has been pretty simple: To produce the best Mountain Bike specific protection available.
Every piece of every pad is bespoke, designed to give you a more ventilated, comfortable, pedal friendly ride than any other product currently available. In terms of protection our pads also excel, intelligent foams alone are not enough to protect a mountain biker from a fall in a rock garden – we use a material called Curv which blends the best properties of smart plastics and fibres to give a super tough – yet super light shell to protect you in the toughest of environments.

It stands for Intelligent Design Protection, an objective design led approach to the requirements of discerning mountain bike riders. There is a cogent and coherent reason for every component used in the design and manufacture of our products. 7IDP is totally design led. We back up this design led approach with extensive testing. We’re fortunate in that both our designers Tavish Capewell and Nick Bayliss ride pretty much every day. They ride and tweak product continuously before shipping to our test team. We’re privileged that our test team has a huge bank of experience on which we can draw. We’re proud to work with amongst others Steve Peat, Kurt Sorge, Mark Weir, Garett Buehler, Neil Donoghue, Chris Akrigg and last but by no means Trek World Racing Team. These guys know what they want, they’ve all achieved at the highest level in their respective disciplines: compromise is not on their menu! With their help and great input from countless others we ‘re proud to present the 7 iDP range.